Building Blocks Infant Development Program

The Building Blocks program is an “in-home” and “community” inclusion support program. It is a unique developmental program model designed to support your child through all areas and steps of development, by combining our knowledge, experience, and your special relationship with your child.  Through a direct developmental play-based intervention, we will focus our approach based on hearing your priorities and concerns and reviewing your child’s individual needs. The Developmental Interventionist (DI) will enhance your family’s capacity to meet the developmental needs of your child and support your child’s involvement in typical childhood experiences with family, other adults, and children.  On a weekly basis, the Developmental Interventionist (DI) will provide new activities and ways to expand your child’s everyday learning experiences, support you with the everyday challenges of parenting, and child rearing, and provide consultation and assistance to other caregivers and consult with other service providers.

Building Blocks provides 1:1 individual service to each child utilizing the “DIR/Floortime” approach.  We work with families to provide a relationship based approach with the support of play-based intervention strategies.  Strategies are used to enhance your child’s interests and provide new experiences for interaction and learning.

The “Building Blocks” team includes the following individuals:

The Developmental Interventionist

The Developmental Interventionist (DI) is the primary individual working with your child, family and, any other caregivers or teachers and provides one-to-one intervention support with you and your child in different settings.  A DI has the support of a team of child specialists for planning and using a variety of intervention strategies to support your child’s development, is a member of your child’s IFSP team and works with you, the service coordinator, and other caregivers and professionals.  Your DI works closely with a Program Specialist/Assistant to plan and provide your child’s intervention program. .

Multidisciplinary Team of Specialists
We want your child to have the benefit of many experts in early intervention

PCDA is a team of multidisciplinary specialists who work together to share knowledge and skills with each other to enhance services to children and families.  We are a very unique group of professionals in Southern California.  Our team includes a Developmental Pediatrician, parent-child Clinical Nurse Specialist, Child Development Specialists (with expertise in early education, early childhood, parenting, and behavior), Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians, Music Therapists, and Marriage Family Therapists.  We provide a variety of services and programs for young children, and their families, when there is a concern about development.   When your DI consults with a Program Specialist or one of our multidisciplinary specialists about your child, they may discuss your child’s strengths and challenges, responses in intervention, and make suggestions for intervention strategies.  The specialists share their knowledge, skills, and experience to enhance the DI’s intervention with your child and family.

Building Blocks is a vendored program with Regional Centers, Vendor # H25247, SVC 805.

For further information, please contact

Program Supervisor – Juliane Vitolo x286
Program Supervisor – Verliz Geronimo x221
Administrative Assistant – Erika Mendez x208

PCDA uses a multidisciplinary, developmental, family-centered approach in all services. With the exception of peer groups, our services actively involve parents or caregivers in every session.