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Creative Arts Summer Program

PCDA Summer Arts Program

PCDA’s Creative Arts Summer Program focuses on strengthening a child’s ability to express their ideas and feelings, and engage in social interactions with peers.Activities revolve around the creative arts to increase a child’s awareness of different forms of self-expression. This two week program explores a different subject each day through introduction, explanation and hands-on exploration. The program includes music, dance, theater, poetry and visual arts. These individual forms of expression are compiled into a collaborative final project that each child is able to bring home to share with family and friends.


For more information or to sign up, please contact Alaina Hogue at Alaina@pcdateam.org or 626.793.7350 ext. 278.

PCDA uses a multidisciplinary, developmental, family-centered approach in all services. With the exception of peer groups, our services actively involve parents or caregivers in every session.