Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk” Parent Education

It Takes Two PCDAIt Takes Two to Talk® – The Hanen Program® for Parents is a 10-week course for parents of children with expressive and/or receptive language delays. Several of PCDA staff speech-language pathologists are certified It Takes Two to Talk course facilitators. The course is offered in the evenings at PCDA throughout the year. Children do not attend the evening sessions. This provides parents with the focused opportunity to learn, reflect and discuss how to apply the information they have learned to helping their own child. The course includes several individual one hour appointments with the speech-language pathologist facilitator attended by the parent(s) and child. The parent implements the strategies learned in class with guidance from the speech-language pathologist.

The Hanen Centre describes the goal of It Takes Two to Talk as enabling “parents to become their child’s primary language facilitator, thereby maximizing the child’s opportunities for communication development in everyday situations. It Takes Two to Talk is designed for toddlers and preschool-age children with specific language impairment, as well as to children with cognitive and developmental delays under age five…

Parents learn to apply language facilitation strategies flexibly across contexts so that intervention becomes a natural part of their daily interactions with their child. Strategies highlighted by the SLP for individual parents are specific to supporting their child’s communication goals. These goals are developed collaboratively with the parents and modified over the course of the program.

Since effective and consistent strategy use by parents is critical to the child’s progress, video feedback sessions play a major role in helping parents see and modify their interactive behavior with their child”.