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We are looking for talented and energetic individuals to join our team of professionals at Professional Child Development Associates to provide much needed services to children.

Developmental Interventionists

Position Title: Developmental Interventionist (DI)-I

Under the direction and guidance of the Program Specialists, and with on-going support through clinical supervision, a DI-I is responsible to:

  • Provide developmental assessment and developmental, play-based/social interaction-based/relationship-based intervention for a caseload of children (birth to 18 years of age), and their families, through one or more PCDA programs with varying requirements, in one or more settings, utilizing DIR/Floortime methodology and strategies
  • Work professionally with clients and their families, other caregivers, peers and their families if involved, other providers, and PCDA clinical supervisors, consultants, and Program Specialists to provide the highest standard of program services to clients and their families
  • Support and facilitate each child's progress through developmental milestones, increase opportunities for inclusion, and enhance trusted caregiver-child relationships
  • Conduct PCDA work in a variety of settings, including client homes, community childcare/school settings, PCDA office, and/or other approved settings
  • Monitor and evaluate individual child responses and progress; Modify intervention strategies to meet changing needs of a child, family members, and other caregivers
  • Develop and write an individual Program Assessment, Intervention Plan, periodic Progress Reports, and other required summaries or reports for assigned clients, utilizing correct grammar, spelling, and client information.
  • Maintain required client documentation and complete/submit all required written documentation according to established program and PCDA requirements and timelines
  • Utilize effective, professional communication, collaboration, and team skills
  • Assist family and other involved caregivers to understand and utilize effective intervention strategies to support a child's development
  • Maintain and terminate relationships with clients and families, in compliance with PCDA clinical/professional guidelines and standards, conveyed through formal or informal professional training, written materials provided, policy handbook, individual clinical supervision, HIPAA privacy standards, etc. 
  • Maintain communication with funding agencies per PCDA policy
  • Maintain on-going communication, and meet regularly, with Program Specialists, Program Assistants, and other team members, and follow-up recommendations, per PCDA policies and/or as specifically requested
  • Identify own clinical support needs on an on-going basis
  • Attend and participate in all training and clinical supervision meetings as required by a Supervisor
  • Other related duties as assigned

Qualifications and Requirements:
B.A. degree in child development, early childhood education, or related field
(if within six months of completion of B.A., strong knowledge of child development and extensive work experience with children may be accepted.).  Child development course work and work experience with young children required.  M.A. in related field and related work experience desirable.  Work experience with children, who have challenges in development/special needs, and their families, highly desirable.  Bilingual verbal fluency in Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese highly desirable.  Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills, ability to communicate ideas clearly, and understanding of cross-cultural differences required.  Friendly, positive demeanor and professional maturity required.  Desire and physical ability to play on the floor necessary.  California driver's license, reliable automobile and current automobile insurance required.  California Department of Justice/FBI criminal clearance, TB clearance, or completion of medical treatment, and CPR certification required.  An offer of employment is conditional pending receipt of required documentation.  Interest in long-term employment preferred.

Work Hours and Requirement:
Part-time (maximum 25 hours/week); position may increase up to full-time hours, as PCDA work/and an employee's individual schedule of 'availability for work' hours permit.  Position requires, and decisions to hire are based on, an individual's schedule commitment of 'availability for work' hours, Monday through Saturday, between 8am and 8pm, based on agency needs and mutual written agreement between the individual and PCDA prior to hire.  Ability to maintain a consistent part-time (or full-time) weekly schedule of 'availability for work' hours, Monday through Friday (4-5 days/week), between 12pm and 8 pm, and every Saturday, between 8 am and 4 pm (4 hours minimum) preferred.  Flexibility and long-term consistency of scheduled 'availability for work' hours is highly desirable.  Work hours may be increased and/or 'availability for work' hours may be changed based on agency needs and with mutual written agreement between an employee and PCDA.

Intensive Specialized DI-I Training Requirement and Rate:
An intensive, specialized, multidisciplinary training program is provided to, and attendance is mandatory for, all new DI-I employees during the first month of employment.  Training sessions do not preclude other work assignments during the employee's scheduled 'availability for work' hours.  Depending on agency needs, an employee may be required to work more than 25 hours during the first month of employment.  Attendance at all training sessions, typically scheduled Monday through Friday, between 8am – 3 pm, is required and completion of all required training components is a condition of employment.  The rate of pay for the first four (4) weeks of employment is $10.00/hour.

Hourly rate: $12 - $18, based on related education and years of related work experience; pay rate begins the week following completion of the required intensive training program. 

How to Apply: If you meet the minimum requirements, email your cover letter and resume to employment@pasadenachilddevelopment.org.