PCDA Funding and Payment Options

PCDA is committed to providing the highest quality services and attention to our clients and their families, tailoring each service to the individual needs of the child and family. As a non-profit organization, payment for services is necessary for PCDA to continue this high standard of services. In addition to private payment, there are several other possible sources for funding developmental and therapeutic services. The following information may be helpful:

Regional Centers

PCDA is an approved vendor for Regional Centers. Regional Centers are state-contracted agencies, located throughout California, that provide support and services for children and adults, who have an eligible developmental disability, as well as for children, birth to three years of age, who have developmental delays or are at high risk. Eligible developmental disabilities include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and/or conditions that require similar treatment as individuals with Mental Retardation. An individual must be ‘substantially handicapped.’ Children under three years of age may be eligible with developmental delays or high risk factors.

Regional Centers provide diagnostic evaluation, resource development, and service coordination for eligible clients, as well as funds needed services when there are no available generic resources. Regional Centers have funding policies regarding the use of private insurance or a share-of-cost for some services. However, insurance-related expenses may be funded or reimbursed in different circumstances.

If your child is a Regional Center client, and you have concerns about his/her development and services, the first step is to contact your child’s service coordinator to discuss your concerns. It is important to be very clear about your child’s specific developmental challenges at home and/or in the community. Your child’s challenges must be described in his/her service plan (IPP or IFSP) and there should be a ‘goal/outcome’ to address this need. Communication is very important to make sure that the Service Coordinator understands and describes your concerns accurately. If the Regional Center agrees to fund a service to help your child achieve his/her goal, you may request PCDA as the vendor.

Please refer to our website Resources for Regional Center contact information based on where you live. You may also visit Regional Center and the State of California Department of Developmental Services websites for more information. The Disability Rights Center of California (Protection and Advocacy, Inc.) offers publications explaining the services, supports, and responsibilities of various resources for children and adults with special needs.

School Districts

Special Education programs provide educational supports and services. PCDA is certified as a Non-Public Agency (NPA) by the State of California Department of Education. NPA services may be authorized when the service cannot be provided by the school district or charter school personnel. If your child’s IEP indicates an NPA provider will be used, you may request PCDA as the NPA contractor.

Health Insurance

Some PCDA services may be covered by your health insurance plan. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to determine if the service is covered under your policy and the in-network and out-of-network benefits. Currently, PCDA is a preferred provider (in-network) with Kaiser Permanente and Easter Seals for medically-related services. Kaiser and Easter Seals initiate a referral to PCDA. PCDA is considered out-of-network for all other insurance plans at this time. If using out-of-network benefits, we will provide you with the required clinical information, i.e., diagnosis and procedural codes, for your insurance claims.

When your services are in-network, prior to beginning services, we will require that you complete and submit our Insurance form, with the required documentation, to allow PCDA to verify your membership and benefits prior to beginning services.

If your child is a Regional Center client, it may be possible to obtain funding or reimbursement for your personal insurance-related expenses, e.g., co-pay, deductible, and other ‘patient responsibility’ costs. Please follow-up with your child’s service coordinator to discuss their policies and possible funding assistance.

Private Pay

PCDA requires full payment for service, at the time of service in the clinic, or services are billed monthly when provided at home or in another setting. PCDA accepts MasterCard or Visa payment by phone, in-person, and provides an option for automatic credit card payment. As a non-profit agency, PCDA depends on timely payment. Please contact our Inquiry Specialist for information about our private rates pcda@pcdateam.org.