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PCDA Offers Pediatric Feeding Courses

PCDA conferences are designed for all professionals working with children at risk or with special needs or chronic illness. Our courses are created for the practitioner to gain a better understanding of relationship-based intervention.  These courses utilize video case presentations to demonstrate practical solutions to complex feeding issues.

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Core Feeding Courses

  • Pediatric Feeding: Assessment & Treatment
    This intermediate level course presents comprehensive strategies and practical approaches to feeding challenges for children 6 months to 12 years of age.  Individual developmental, social-emotional, behavioral, psychological, nutritional and sensory-motor components will be addressed and integrated into a broader interdisciplinary approach to assessment and treatment.
  • The DIR® Approach to Feeding: It's All About Relationships
    This course illustrates how DIR® principles are used within feeding intervention to support the child to feel safe and self-motivated in the eating experience as it unfolds within the culture of the family. We discuss how to build the sense of trust within the therapeutic relationship to address specific challenges such as chronic disease and mental health as it influences engagement around eating.

Specialty Feeding Courses

  • Autism: Feeding & Nutrition Challenges
    This intermediate level course explores the etiology, assessment and treatment of complex feeding and nutrition challenges for children with spectrum disorders.  Gastrointestinal disorders, supplementation and defined diets will also be discussed.
  • Transitioning from Non-Oral to Oral Feeding
    This intermediate level course explores the process of transition, balancing the child's oral motor, social-emotional, sensory, developmental and medical needs while meeting nutritional goals of  dietary variety, health promotion and appropriate growth.

Supportive Courses

  • Nutrition 101: What you didn't learn in school but need to know
    This course explores the basics of nutrition as applied to pediatric feeding therapy and provides strategies for integrating principles of health promotion nutrition into community programs to encourage lifelong wellness.
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
    Food allergies are increasing in the pediatric population. Identifying and managing food allergies and intolerances are the focus of this course.  Information for the parent, teacher, administrator, dietitian and therapist.

We are an approved provider of CEUs through APA, AOTA, ASHA, CBBS, CBRN, CDR and CBOT Advanced Practice in SWC. Please inquire about a particular course to find out if it offers CEUs for your discipline.

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