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F3 Program: Food for Fit Families

The prevalence of children who are overweight is rising and children with developmental disabilities are also at risk. We have a specially designed program which addresses the multi-faceted influences of pediatric obesity - environment, diet and activity - specifically for children with developmental disabilities.

The PCDA Food for Fit Families weight management programThe Food for Fit Families program (F3) is a 12 week WEIGHT MANAGEMENT program for children between ages 5-12 years who are overweight, but also includes their parents/guardians and siblings. We have groups who start the F3 program throughout the year.

Our unique family-centered program, designed by registered dietitian, occupational therapist and development specialists, is specifically designed for children with developmental disabilities, autism and/or special health care needs.

Our focus is on developing health-promoting eating habits and increasing physical activity which will result in greater wellness.

Weekly group sessions include a cooking activity, non-competitive sports and games, nutrition education, strategies to address behavioral issues around eating and parent-to-parent support.

For information and registration contact Lanny at 626-793-7350 ext. 216

Funding may be available through your insurance or Regional Center (vendor #PD1730).
Please check with your service coordinator.