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Social Skills

Friendships develop as children play togetherFriendships develop as children play together and discover their common interests. Sharing ideas and solving problems together are aspects of social-emotional development essential for peer relationships. PCDA is unique in offering a range of social skills groups for children, ages 3-12, who are having difficulty in play, communication, and/or social behavior with peers.

To address different needs, we offer peer pairing with just two children together, and four levels of social skills groups. A social skills assessment helps us to recommend the best starting place for your child.

Our individualized peer pairing social skills program is ideal for children who are not quite ready for a peer group, with a gradual transition to a group setting. A peer group provides opportunities for your child to play, practice and master social skills with up to six peers and two Facilitators. We carefully group children with complementary interests, personalities and social-emotional skills.  We have four levels:  Explorers, Detectives, Inventors, and Scholars.  Each level focuses on specific foundational social-emotional skills.  Parents have a key role in every group.  Siblings and typical peers are included in some activities.

Our individual social skills program is ideal for children who are not quite ready for a peer group.Our expertise in social-emotional development provides the framework for our services. We use play-based, "DIR®/Floortime" strategies to foster your child's capacity for meaningful relationships with others. We use your child's interests and introduce new experiences to help your child understand and manage his/her own emotions and behavior, develop imaginative and creative thinking in play, and problem-solve together with others. All of our social skills services are provided at the PCDA office Monday through Saturday.

For further information, please contact

Program Specialist - Jennifer Aceves (626) 793-7350 x222
Program Specialist - Jessica Vignali x287
Program Assistant - Megan Stricklin x256
Program Assistant - Monica Fonseca x257
Administrative Assistant – Tanya Robles x214

Click for a PCDA Social Skills flier: small handSocial-Skills.pdf (PDF)

Social Skills services may be funded by the Regional Center, Vendor # PD 0453.