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Adapted Art Lessons
Taught by Trained Professional Artist, Amy Huestis

Individual lessons appropriate for children ages 10-18

Adapted Art Lessons at PCDAAdapted Art lessons are structured in a manner that will enhance a child's natural ability and interest to learn art, increase self-confidence and expression, appreciation and understanding of artistic styles and learning skills.  Art allows a child to express their unique personalities and ideas through a creative, individualized modality.

Many children with special needs show interest in learning how to paint or draw, but are not able to benefit from traditional art lessons or classes.  Amy specializes in adapting instructional methods based on the child's individual strengths and learning styles in order to maximize success.

Lessons are structured to each individual child's needs and interests.  Within the world of art, each child is presented with the opportunity to learn basic drawing, watercolor, still life, computer animation and photography, acrylic painting, ceramics, color mixing and color theory, art history and more.  Lessons are scheduled for 90 minutes to allow time for each child to be involved with the setup and tear down of each art activity.  A child's ability to create art is deepened by their understanding of the steps and process behind setting up, keeping a clean studio, and exploring with new art materials. Amy fosters flexibility through learning to experiment and make artistic discoveries and meeting set artistic goals.  Child and parents both learn what is needed to make art independently at home.

Adapted Art Lessons are not Vendored through Regional Centers

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