Family Stories

Max’s Story

After years of hard work, Max has graduated from feeding therapy!  When he started at PCDA, he was only drinking formula – now, after working with PCDA clinicians Mariko Yamazaki and Kristen Van Rooyen, Max is able to enjoy foods with his family by preparing food in a blender or chewing them through a mesh bag.  With the support of PCDA and his family, Max has worked very hard and done a wonderful job of improving his sensory processing, oral motor skills, interest in family foods, and participation in mealtime routines.  Congratulations to Max and his family!

Robert’s Story

“I’m very happy with how things are going with Robert. There has been a big change since starting at PCDA. He is great in session with Dr. Brandt Chamberlain and is learning to self soothe and stop when he’s overly hyper. Robert is learning to notice his hyperness and how to calm down afterwards…he still has a lot of work to do on that, but it’s getting there. Working one on one with him at PCDA has brought us closer together.”

Alicia’s Story

“My daughter Alicia was born with Patau Syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality in which the cells of her body contain extra copies of chromosome 13. More than 80% of children with Patau syndrome die within the first year of life, but Alicia just turned three. With the help of PCDA’s occupational therapist, Carol Fodera and dietician, Patty Novak, my daughter has not only surpassed life expectancy, but I think one day she will eat real food from a spoon and even be able to walk and go to a special school. Carol and Patty have been there every step of the way. From Alicia receiving calories and nutrients from the Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) line in a hole in her arm, to slowly learning to accept a mix of Pedialyte, formula, and blended foods from a bottle. Without the TPN line and equipment restricting her movement, Alicia now has the freedom to roll and play and swing.

We are so grateful to PCDA for being there for our family. It is a very special place, and I hope my story can help other families find their way to PCDA.”

-Miriam Del Hoyo, Mother of Alicia Ross, Age 3



David’s Story

“All three of my sons have autism. My middle son, David, is now graduating from Feeding Therapy services at PCDA, and our entire family is very happy with the progress David has made in the past year. David was a very picky eater, and as parents, we didn’t have a clue how to help him eat a well balanced diet. With the help of our feeding therapist, Jessica Ibardaloza Hall, we have learned as a family how to support David in trying new and healthier foods. David will now try many types of foods without complaint, as a result of our practicing at home the techniques we learned from Jessica and PCDA.

It was a pleasure and a great blessing to be able to participate in PCDA’s Feeding Therapy program.”

-Nidia Padilla, Mother of David Padilla, age 11