Creative Arts Teaching Tour

Our team has been invited to teach in Japan and Taiwan about the life-transforming effect of our innovative music therapy using the DIR/Floortime philosophy (learn more about DIR/Floortime here). This Teaching Tour, where we’ll be joined by PCDA’s Executive Director Dr. Diane Cullinane, is an important opportunity because in Japan and Taiwan today, there are very limited services and support for families dealing with autism, and few of those take our child and family-centered approach. We know that there is a demand to learn more about DIR-based therapies, and we are honored and eager to share our expertise with parents and colleagues and offer recommendations about how they can establish transformative therapy services for children in need in their own communities.

You can provide needed support for children with autism in Japan and Taiwan by donating to fund our travel, either by buying tickets to our benefit concert or by donating to our crowdfunding campaign.

On our three-week Teaching Tour, we will:

  • present at the 15th World Congress of Music Therapy in Tsukuba, Japan
  • produce seminars in Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan for clinicians, teachers and other professionals about the DIR philosophy and music therapy for helping children with developmental disabilities
  • teach parents in Tokyo and Taipei about why a DIR approach is so beneficial for their families, and provide support and resources for adapting DIR methods and establishing services in their communities.

CA TeamBut we need your help! Please watch our video to see us working with our clients; the children and families you will see are just like the children and families we want to help in Japan, Taiwan, and around the world that are challenged by autism and other developmental disabilities.

Please make a donation to help fund our Teaching Tour, and help children and families affected by developmental disabilities get the support they need.




Lin and Alan Vlacich

Gustavo Frias

Patti Pueschel

Suzanne Ross

Denise Angelo

Jessica and Levi Gelineau

Pamela Arrastia

Joshua Lin

Carolyn Buoncristiani

Thaddeus Marcroft

Ingrid Chun

Reyhan Shafiiha-Taylor

Jeff Lin

Yuna Lall

Brandon Emlinger

Gwynne Jacklitch

Hank I. Lin

Patrick J. Kelly

Lynn E. Kornmann

Damon Emlinger

Ryan L. Emlinger

Jason E. Taylor

Lin Pei Ying

Wendy Tamaki Ogata

Chaiwen Tsai

Sylvia Pabon

Trang M. Ngo-Beteta

David Chen

Susan Mason Milks